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We founded LOKI on the belief that the current system of architecture & development doesn’t produce the best outcomes for our society and the communities within it.

We aim to change that narrative.


LOKI began from the observation that our system of home-building isn't working as it should.  Beautiful design too often isn't commercially viable, while development often sacrifices quality of living for profit.

We want to cultivate a healthy, vibrant relationship between architecture & development; between design and capital.  At its best, architecture has the power to lift our spirits and create flourishing communities.

We set out to bridge the worlds of investment, development and design and to find innovative ways to build beautiful homes and make healthy returns.

At LOKI we blend bold conc1eptual thinking and original design approaches to create inspiring spaces and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Our design strategies are site-specific and unique to each project. We engage with local craftsmen and specialists and are careful with the selection of materials and construction methods we use.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We provide sustainable, low-energy features to promote good health and reduce energy bills, while at the same time being cost-effective.


We want our buildings to uplift the whole street and to benefit everyone in the neighbourhood.

But first and foremost we create beautiful homes where people feel good every time they cross the thresholds.  Brigitte's designs celebrate natural light, openness and always look to connect the inside with the outside.

ABOUT_Our Story

our story

ABOU_Meet The Founders

Meet the founders


Managing Director & Creative Director

RIBA Chartered Architect 

dipl. MSc Arch. ETH / ARB 

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As Founder and Managing Director, Brigitte is the creative powerhouse at LOKI. She is a RIBA chartered Architect, Researcher and Property Developer based in London. Brigitte's academic background spans four Universities & three languages. She holds a Masters of Science at the renowned ETH Zürich (ranked #4 globally in the QS World University Rankings) as well as a MSc in Architecture from the UEL with specialised focus on building physics, material sustainability.

Her research work focuses on urban development predominantly with focus on poverty alleviation, urban resilience, urban economics, with aim at public / private collaborations & interventions and strategic architectural development.

Brigitte also focuses on developing models of residential living (co-living, inter-generational) and is an expert in sustainable construction and building physics. She has been awarded several awards and prizes from both academic and national bodies.

Brigitte's expertise is in finding development opportunities and in value creation through design and strategic modelling. After working for several years in architecture offices and research institutes in Switzerland, Brigitte returned to the UK to set up LOKI. 

Brigitte clements

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Commercial Director

MA Oxford University

damian guha

Damian works on the property development side of the business, working directly with investors and other partners. He brings over 20 years of experience running businesses in the consumer goods & retail sectors, and works as the managing director of a major food business. 

Damian brings strong business & financial acumen and, being a marketer by background, has a strong interest in spotting trends in society & understanding how people want to live.  He plays a key role in assessing the viability of different locations and commercial attractiveness of sites as well as securing project funding. 

He is used to dealing with large teams, negotiating with diverse stakeholders and has shown how his core skills can be adapted successfully to different industries, categories and geographies.


Despite his specialisation in commercial development, Damian also has a keen eye and active voice on the types of buildings we are building and their architectural language.

our board


Strategic Consultant

Grade 1 UNESCO Heritage Site

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abigail hall

Abigail is an accomplished Technical Design Expert and Construction Consultant.


She is an expert in delivering complex & unique projects for demanding clients, with over 15 years experience delivering high-end and complex projects. 


Abigail previously ran her own International & Design fit-out company, delivering +50 projects. 

Beside her consultancy for LOKI, Abigail currently works as Project Director of refurbishment and fire safety work at the UNESCO Palace of Westminster.


Previous to that she worked as Technical Consultant on Project E20 for the BBC, as well as which elevated her reputation as a expert as a high-end technical designer. 


Abigail is an author, speaker and host of the rapidly growing podcast - #EDD - Everyday Design Podcast. 


Head of Strategy & Business Transformation

(Hitachi Power Grids Ltd)

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Ilija is both a highly experienced professional & entrepreneur. With profound understanding of corporate and governmental structures, functions and processes, Ilija has a proven track record in developing, leading and deploying strategies for corporations, political organizations and governments. Ilija has experiences in management consulting, quality, continuous improvement and operations, company carve-outs & joint venture build-ups and change management.

In addition, Ilija was founding member of a progressive NGO & is international industrial advisor to an MBA university program.


Ilija holds a Master in Business Engineering & a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation.


He is Swiss Croatian double citizen, has studied & worked in over 10 different countries. 

our associates

 We believe we are better through collaboration. We have an extensive network of high-level experts and professionals in the built environment ranging from academics, technical experts to social entrepreneurs and craftspeople.


We combine our passion to transform and create spaces we believe in. We welcome inspiring and talented collaborators and radical shape shifters to join our network. 

Let's Talk
Aerial View of Curved Road

Our Promise

LOKI was born out of a passion to transform land into livable spaces. That being said Architecture is by nature a discipline that extracts, transports and uses precious resources. Our team takes the challenge to be custodians of sustainable resource sourcing in all our projects. As architects, designers and built environment practitioners the changes in building standards starts with US. We hold the LOKI name to the highest standards and make sure our extensive network of professionals and collaborators are aligned with our values and celebrate the fact that we are the ones who get to build a world we believe in. 

We don't believe in meeting targets

We believe in setting a new precedent

ABOUT_Get in Touch

Whether you are someone who wants to work with us, wean our expertise or just want to find out more about what we do, please don't hesitate to write. We welcome questions and queries big and small!




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