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To ensure our vision and standards are maintained we procure our projects from the beginning to ensure the design integrity is maintained until we hand over the keys


Our expertise in this area allows us to create quality spaces through intelligent design using quality craft and material


We use craftsmanship and design accents to create quality living spaces. We replace the mundanity of magnolia neutrality with design flourishes and craft mastery.




Our homes and our neighbourhoods form the backdrop of our lives.  At LOKI we blend bold conceptual thinking and original design approaches to create inspiring spaces - not only for the benefit of the families who inhabit them but also to enrich the surrounding area.  


We work with people & neighbourhoods to invigorate the areas we work in. Our design strategies are site-specific and unique to each project. Sustainable architecture goes far beyond the environment; it is social, economic and political.


At LOKI we incorporate smart design as the backbone of our vision, using only quality materials and relevant design to ensure that whatever we build enhances the area and leaves a legacy better than what was there before.


We are here for the long term.  We are here to create the type of world we want to live in.



Founding Partner & Managing Director of

LOKI Architecture & Development LTD

Brigitte is an architect (ARB), researcher and developer. Her academic background spans ten years, four universities and three languages. A graduate of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, she also holds an MSc in Architecture from the University of East London.

After working for several years in architecture offices and as a freelance architect, Brigitte returned to academia at the world-renowned ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, where her interests focused on social and political issues in the built environment, in particular in urban contexts.

Aside from her architecture and research work, Brigitte is the owner and designer of the furniture making & design studio

Brigitte brings architectural & design flair and structural know-how to LOKI, as well as complex project management and problem solving abilities. She has an unwavering passion to improve the way people live via the creation of beautiful and purposeful spaces.

Founding Partner &  Director of

LOKI Architecture & Development LTD

After graduating from Oxford University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Damian built his career in the Consumer Goods and Retail industries, initially as a marketer and latterly as Managing Director of several different businesses in multiple countries, the largest and most recent of which had a turnover of over £600m and over 600 employees.

Damian brings strong business and financial acumen as well as deeply rooted marketing know-how. He is used to dealing with large teams, negotiating with diverse stakeholders and has shown how his core skills can be adapted successfully to different industries, categories and geographies.

He continues to pursue his career in the Consumer Goods space, alongside his involvement in LOKI.





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